Southwestern Travel Group’s Top 19 Tips for Your COVID-19 Staycation

With an unplanned staycation for everyone, cabin fever can set in quickly. Once Netflix starts to get old and the toilet paper has to be rationed, it’s time to get creative! Whether it’s with yourself, a loved one or your kids, your forced Covid-19 staycation does not have to be met with resentment or end in bitterness.

Here’s a few ideas from Southwestern Travel to help you maintain your sanity, get creative and even have fun while stuck at home.

  • Sight-see around the backyard or neighborhood – We sometimes take for granted our own backyard. Treat it like a museum and take a tour having your family take turns explaining the beauty and significance behind the things they find interesting. Make up superlative categories and have prizes for the best of the best “tour stops.”
  • Plan a picnic – If the weather cooperates go outside and enjoy the sun… if not, you can have an indoor picnic. Grab a blanket, raid the refrigerator and get some of your favorite snacks! This is a great activity to do with kids to change the pace. Ask your family questions about their favorite outside activities. If no kids, make it a romantic picnic with a bottle of wine.
  • Turn your bedroom into a spa – You can light a few candles, put a hot towel on your face, dim the lights, and have Alexa (or Spotify) play some relaxing music. Take a warm, relaxing bath with your favorite bath salts or take turns getting massages from the person you love. Do your own mani/pedi or let your kids give you one.
  • Perfect the art of napping – Every nap is perfect… but get creative. Nap in a hammock, in a different room, or even drift asleep to your favorite relaxing sounds.
  • Take a world food tour… in the kitchen – Get take-out from different cultural or fast food restaurants (French fries from France, tacos from Mexico, pizza from Italy). Or you can make delicious food such as French toast, Lasagna, or Canadian bacon!
  • Have a craft day – Make a birdhouse, a scrapbook, or take your recycling materials and make robots! You can also make your own ribbons for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd
  • Puzzles, movie, or game night! – These are each classic at-home activities. Puzzles seem to be making a popularity comeback and with streaming services, access to movies are endless! Ask your friends on social media for game recommendations. You may hear of one that will become the new family favorite.
  • Camping in the yard – You don’t have to be in the woods to make a campsite. Pitch a tent, roast some s’mores and enjoy some fresh air!
  • Make home movies – (literally at home) or take lots of photos and turn it into a photoshoot!
  • Make an epic fort with blankets and furniture – This is not just for kids (though don’t deprive your family of the fun). Revert back to your inner child and build a living room architectural masterpiece.
  • Get physical – While the gyms may be closed, you can find great exercise routines and videos online. You can also get blood flowing by taking walks and doing some work in the yard. Maybe even garden!
  • Come up with silly, fun contests with your friend via social media – See what challenges you can come up with your FB friends. You can have people post funny photos, tell their best joke or post some place they wish they were.
  • Mix it up and make it weird! – Try a different flavor of coffee. Put mints on all the pillows. Fold the towels differently. Make your bed. Name the pajamas you will wear all day and refer to them by name.J
  • Use the good china for a fancy meal with a loved one – It’s just sitting there… get fancy and have a dress up night for no particular reason other than “just because.” Pick a new recipe to cook while you’re at it!
  • Dress like you are on vacation – That’s right! Flip flops, yoga pants, robe, Hawaiian shirt – go nuts! You can even have a themed day. Crazy hat day, wacky socks, inside-out day…
  • Start a staycation vlog – Get creative and let you humor (or sarcasm) shine through! Make quick videos of the things you are doing and what life is like in your current situation. Everyone can use some comic relief – you may give someone a good laugh!
  • Make quarantine memes – Make memes or TikToks of some of the things going on in the world and in your world! (Keep it nice!)
  • Make a vision board all of the places you want to go – A fun activity for everyone. Put together a vision board with words and pictures of your goals for the year. Might as well stay motivated while quarantined!
  • Read, read, read – Now is the opportunity to start (or finish) that book you have wanted to enjoy. Find some quiet time to unwind and relax by letting your mind get lost in the imagery painted by the author. Feed your mind as you would your stomach!
  • Plan your next dream vacation with Southwestern Travel Group – It’s not too early to start thinking about it now! We can’t wait to craft a custom, meaningful travel experience for you and your loved ones.

We wish for everyone to stay healthy and stay put! Stay Home, but Stay Curious! Soon enough, our world won’t be at home, but our home will once again be the world… and travel will never have felt so good!

Our team of travel experts would love to help you plan your next adventure. At Southwestern Travel Group, our depth of expertise, knowledge of destinations, and attention to detail saves you time, money, and headaches. As travel experts, we can handle any emergency that may arise when you’re on the road — everything from a missed flight connection to a hotel that closes unexpectedly—and we will go the extra mile. To book your next trip, contact us today at 800.222.4441 or [email protected].

Author: Trey Campbell