The Day Travel Returns Will Be a Victory for Us All

As the world deals with the unprecedented health crisis of Coronavirus / COVID-19, the economic impact will be felt for years. Many industries and small businesses are already feeling the effects.

One of those industries is the travel industry. With borders shut down, quarantine orders and lock-downs in effect, and near-empty hotels and flights – the industry is losing ground by the day. The airlines, hotels, travel agencies and destinations are not the only ones losing out. Just like ripples of waves on the coast of a beach hideaway, there are ripple effects that come with this health pandemic.

Yes, the other side of those losing out are the travelers themselves. For the foreseeable short-term future, no more romantic getaways or family vacations, no non-essential business travel and no more adventurous trips to see fantastic wonders of the world and experience world-class hospitality. If there is one thing all cultures now share, it is the spread of this loathed and insufferable virus.

While we sit in our homes dreaming about being anywhere else, we can be assured there will be a day when travel is back. You see, travel is a love language all its own. Travel brings people together and also takes us away – sometimes to far-away destinations. Travel enriches the lives of those who seek it – through life changing experiences leading to beautiful memories. It speaks to those who dare to live life out of their suitcase learning the language and culture of whatever country their wanderlust takes them.

Simply put, the travel industry will be back, and stronger than ever. Travel provides all of us with something to look forward to, something to cherish with people we live or simply by ourselves. When it is safe to travel once again – and it will be – many people will be looking to get away for a while, to shed the dark days of a global health crisis and put their toes in wet sand. Maybe hike a mountain. Or just relax at a spa. School groups will once again tour educational cities. Broadway and Disney will reopen. Mission trips will help give hope and light to those in need. Business will be conducted in-person and in groups larger than 10 once again.

The time spent at home during COVID-19 is not the kind of time anyone really wanted or expected. But for all the time at home, may it bring families together. May it teach us lessons in the importance of gratitude and community. May it help us treat our neighbors with more kindness. May we dream of the day we can hug our loved ones who don’t live with us. And may we soon be able to travel again without fear of a virus.

The day travel returns will be a victory for us all. It will signal the return of normalcy, of choice, and yes, of recovery. Just like our own human nature, the travel industry is resilient. It will ride the waves of the many destinations we will find ourselves traveling and land each of us in a place that bring us joy. Sometimes seeing new things helps us to forget about the unpleasant things – at least temporarily.

At Southwestern Travel Group, we want to thank everyone who is doing their part to make the most of their unplanned “staycation.” We are continually monitoring the industry and the effects the health crisis is having on it. We look forward to the day everyone will once again be able to escape to a new place – whether it be to relax or explore. It’s not far away… you can almost smell that salty air…

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Author: Trey Campbell