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Team Spotlight: Emily Weber

Emily Weber has been traveling from a very young age. Growing up in a military family, she had experienced 11 moves by the age of 13 – including a brief time living in Okinawa, Japan!

“I think it stuck, because I can’t seem to stay in just one place, one role or one anything. Change and growth are good things.”

Because of this natural desire for change, Emily believes in constantly evolving, which is part of the reason she loves working in the ever-changing industry of travel.

Team Spotlight: Sarah Ellis

The travel bug sparked for Sarah Ellis at a young age. After moving multiple times growing up and traveling a lot with her family, Sarah gained a natural sense of curiosity and independence. She has an innate passion for travel and feels inspired to see as much of the world as she can.

Southwestern Travel Group’s Top 19 Tips for Your COVID-19 Staycation

With an unplanned staycation for everyone, cabin fever can set in quickly. Once Netflix starts to get old and the toilet paper has to be rationed, it’s time to get creative! Whether it’s with yourself, a loved one or your kids, your forced Covid-19 staycation does not have to be met with resentment or end in bitterness.

Here’s a few ideas from Southwestern Travel to help you maintain your sanity, get creative and even have fun while stuck at home.

The Day Travel Returns Will Be a Victory for Us All

As the world deals with the unprecedented health crisis of Coronavirus / COVID-19, the economic impact will be felt for years. Many industries and small businesses are already feeling the effects.

One of those industries is the travel industry. With borders shut down, quarantine orders and lock-downs in effect, and near-empty hotels and flights – the industry is losing ground by the day. The airlines, hotels, travel agencies and destinations are not the only ones losing out. Just like ripples of waves on the coast of a beach hideaway, there are ripple effects that come with this health pandemic.