Site Selection & Sourcing

All the Value, At Zero Cost

Site Selection & Sourcing combines Southwestern Travel Group’s expertise and familiarity in the hospitality industry, industry relationships and buying power from the volume of business we represent to gain insights and concessions into the hotels and venues.

As a client, you receive the highest possible return on your meeting, all at no cost to you.

Clear Goals & Objectives

We will arrange a one on one consultation to understand your program’s objectives, budget and history. Then, we will identify hotels and venues that match those requirements.

Tailored RFPs

Southwestern Travel Group will build out the Request for Proposal and send it to appropriate hotels and venues. As proposals come through, Southwestern Travel Group will compile and organize hotel data to help you evaluate offers.

Expert Negotiators

Our experienced team will negotiate rates and concessions. We consider ourselves a part of your team and advocate on your behalf! We work to get you the best guestroom rates, F&B discount and Audiovisual savings.

Flawless Contracts

We facilitate the entire contracting process, from start to finish. We add all of the essential contract clauses and terminology which serve to protect your group in a multitude of situations such as attrition, cancellation, and indemnification.

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Our team helps you find the perfect location for your meetings and events globally.


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