Responsibility Statement

Southwestern Travel Group acts only as an agent for airlines, hotels, transportation companies, sightseeing contractors and other principals and is not to be considered as the principal operator directly or indirectly of these services.  SWTG cannot be responsible for events beyond its control, including without limitation, acts of God, strikes, war, terrorism, political events, government restrictions, personal injury, and property damage, property loss, or default or bankruptcy by said principals.  No warranties, terms or conditions apply to any trip unless expressly stated in writing by SWTG and signed by an officer of Southwestern Travel Group. SWTG reserves the right to alter the itinerary. Any extra charges arising from such change must be met by the Passenger. SWTG reserves the right to cancel the tour or to remove any Passenger from the tour; its sole liability in such instance being the refund of all monies paid to it for unused services.  The applicant will abide by the schedule of payments agreed upon by the organization/school and SWTG in the Travel Participant Agreement, and the laws of the State of Tennessee shall govern this agreement.  Once signed by both parties this agreement cannot be modified except in writing and resigned by SWTG and the applicant.