Uzhhorod, Ukraine

The city on the Uzh River

Did you Know?

  • With over a thousand years of history, Uzhhorod is rich in culture. It is located in the southwest corner of Ukraine where four countries come together: Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Poland.
  • It has a large university with 15% of its population being university students.
  • The Romani live in squalid camps within the city and face extraordinary persecution and discrimination.
  • An influx of displaced people from the 2014 Russian invasion has led to additional challenges in the area.

What to Expect

Potential Trip Projects

  • Work is carried forth with Romani churches to improve living conditions in camps through clean drinking water, improved classrooms, access to medicine, elderly care, and garbage removal to name a few.
  • Hope and help is provided to Romani youth to complete their secondary education and pursue higher education.
  • Work with local international students to help bring them closer to Christ.
  • Lead summer camps for at-risk children – orphans, refugees, single-parent homes.
  • Love on orphans in Uzhhorod and make sure abandoned babies are held each day.
  • Partner with a government pilot program to eradicate orphanages and train local Christians to mentor the orphans.

Personal & Spiritual Growth

  • At night, your mission leader will help unpack the day: what you saw, how you felt and what God was showing you. A devotion has been written for this mission trip to help guide the process of opening your heart, exploring your faith and getting closer to Jesus.

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