Tulovo, Bulgaria

Village of Tulovo

Did you Know?

  • Tulovo is an impoverished town of about 1,300 people with few opportunities for economic progress.
  • The population is nearly divided between Roma (Gypsy) and ethnic Bulgarians.

What to Expect

Potential Trip Projects

  • Bible studies and mentoring programs
  • Youth lead Saturday kid programs
  • Teaching adults to lead Bible studies
  • Working with the village school
  • Local school: working to encourage teachers toward excellence and improving the learning atmosphere
  • Improve relations in local community
  • Equip local Roma believers for leadership within church ministries.

Personal & Spiritual Growth

  • At night, your mission leader will help unpack the day: what you saw, how you felt and what God was showing you. A devotion has been written for this mission trip to help guide the process of opening your heart, exploring your faith and getting closer to Jesus.

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