Birthplace of reggae & Blue Mountain Coffee

Did you Know?

  • Jamaica is both a land of beauty and a land in need. The deaf population of the country represent an unreached group.
  • They are treated as second-class citizens that are unable to vote or drive. The three school campuses along with the Jamaica Deaf Village serve as a place where the deaf can worship and be nurtured in a safe, Spirit-filled environment.

What to Expect

Potential Trip Projects

  • Service in Jamaica is centered around the schools and ministering to the deaf population. Tasks might include:
    • Ministering at the schools for the deaf & surrounding communities
    • Construction and maintenance
    • Outreach
    • Working with orphanages/infirmary (ministry/construction)
    • Vocational training and church planting

Personal & Spiritual Growth

  • At night, your mission leader will help unpack the day: what you saw, how you felt and what God was showing you. A devotion has been written for this mission trip to help guide the process of opening your heart, exploring your faith and getting closer to Jesus.

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