From the cradle of civilization to modern magnificence.

Welcome to Greece—a country of historical heroes, mythological legends, and so many olives.

Your group’s epic saga begins in Athens, a city as beautiful as it is old. Journey to Delphi, where Alexander the Great asked the oracle of Apollo who would be the fairest conqueror of them all (spoiler: it was him). Explore the capital of northern Greece, enjoy views of Mt. Olympus, and eat feta everywhere in between. This is Greece. This is history come to life.

Sample Itineraries

Day 1-3 Athens, Greece

• Fly overnight to Greece
• Meet your tour director at the airport
• Take a guided tour of Athens
Visit the Acropolis Museum, home to ancient ruins and pre-historic artifacts
• Take a walking tour of Athens
• Dinner in Athens

Day 4-5 Delphi, Thermopylae, and Meteora region

Travel to the Delphi region, where Greek mythology meets Macedonian history
Take a guided tour of Delphi
Visit the Delphi Museum
Explore on your own or cooking class
Travel via Thermopylae to the Meteora region
Stretch your legs at the battle site of Thermopylae, and strike your best Spartan pose for a photo
• Visit a Meteora monastery, a town suspended in the “middle of the sky”
Tour a Meteora monastery with an expert local guide

Day 6-9

Travel via Dion to Thessaloniki
Stop in the traditional Greek village of Litochoro and enjoy famously awesome views of Mt. Olympus as you travel to Dion
Take a guided tour of Dion
Take a guided tour of Thessaloniki, Greece’s second largest city and hip northern capital.
Take a guided tour of Pella, birthplace of Alexander the Great.
• Travel via Platamonas to Athens
• Explore on your own

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