3 Reasons You Should Consider Mission Travel

Maybe you have thought about mission travel before, but haven’t gone yet. Maybe you have been before and would like to go again. Either way, your friends at Southwestern Travel have put together three compelling reasons why you should consider it.

The great thing about mission trips are that they offer a wide variety of challenge and growth – spiritually, emotionally and many times, physically.

Here are our top three reasons you should consider going on a mission trip this year:

  1. You don’t need to be qualified… God calls the available, not always the capable. You don’t have to be experienced, know a specific trade or attend seminary. You just have to be you. Mission trips put to use a wide variety of skills. If you have a positive attitude, an open mind and spirit, can communicate and are willing to love others – then you have what it takes!
  1. The missions experience is dual-focused. This means there are two groups that benefit: the community and individuals who you are there to serve, and perhaps more importantly, you! The first one is obvious, but you will get out of the trip way more than you give. That leads us to the third reason…
  1. It can be the beginning of a long-term investment… in yourself. Your eyes will be opened to things you are not used to seeing and you will meet people different from those you are not used to being around. During the service in the day, you will meet people who make an impact on you, and you on them. You may work side-by-side or serve with someone who comes from a different culture and speaks a different language, but has the same heart. You hear stories and see situations that quite simply… change you. During the devotion at night, you will delve into a spiritual audit of yourself through dissecting the day, where you are in life and the plans God has for you. The long-term investment is really a life time investment in yourself through your faith and the experiences the mission offers.

These are only three of the many reasons how Mission Travel can change lives. When you are open to these new experiences, you become open to many more things in your life – especially the things required of you to grow your faith. What your eyes see… your soul remembers and your spirit surrenders.

Here are a couple of testimonies from some past Southwestern Travel Mission’s team members:

“I had a phenomenal experience on mission to Nicaragua. I’ve been hesitant to go on short-term missions because the nature of those experiences can sometimes be self-serving. However, this experience resulted in the deepening of my faith. I feel like I grew the most through the deep devotionals we had at the end of the days with our team. Independent of where you are with your faith, you will grow,”

– Walton Simmons of Johns Creek, GA.

“When I thought about attending a ‘missions experience,’ what I expected was to share my time, labor, effort, and the little knowledge I knew about God to people in need. Little did I know the people I traveled with and the people I met in Ecuador would be serving me more than I did them. This was not only a mission trip, but a mission make-over for my heart and life,”

– Kate Cameron, Gladwin, MI.

Each person has their own unique reasons for attending a mission trip. We’ve found the anticipated experience pales in comparison to the actual experience that takes place. Keep in mind, it always takes a leap of faith to increase your faith.

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