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Call the SET Trip Tour Director's Cell Phone (last page of the Trip Itinerary Packet) OR our main office at 800-222-4441. If you get a recording, leave a message and someone will immediately call you back. Travelers may use these numbers also.
To provide professional tour management for your group's trip from beginning to end, which insures that you get what you paid for and frees group leaders to concentrate on educational objectives and to enjoy the travel experience.
Food & Drinks are allowed on board. All drinks should be in plastic screw-top bottles. The coach must be kept clean. Please check your area and take all trash with you when you disembark.
Currently, only a few motor coaches offer these features, so they are not guaranteed. As demand for these services increases, more coach companies will add them.
Many motor coaches now have Monitors and a DVD player, but they don't supply movies. Contact your director/teacher for approved movies to bring.
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For all-inclusive trips, the only extra money needed is for souvenirs, snacks or other personal items. If your trip is not all-inclusive, you will be told (and your tour itinerary will state) those meals or tickets, etc., for which the traveler must pay on-site.
A chaperone is an “always-on-duty” parent or staff member who is assigned to monitor and mentor students during a trip. Duties include being in charge of specific students, taking attendance at meeting places or on the motor coach and administering (in some cases) medications, plus other responsibilities as directed by the director/group leader. Please see our Student Group Travel Check-list for a list of helpful chaperone tips.
Official trip chaperones are chosen by the director/group leader. If unsure, please register as an adult, and express your interest in serving as a chaperone to your director/group leader. She or he may change your classification once final selections have been made.
Currently, we do not offer online registration.
You may register as many family members as the school allows to travel with the group
Standard maximum occupancy in U.S. hotels is four persons to a room, but some hotels accommodate up to six. Southwestern Educational Travel’s standard practice is to place four students per room, unless the director/group leader indicates otherwise. Adults should make their rooming request directly to the director/group leader.
SET always requests that boys and girls rooms be on separate floors. However, fulfillment of this request is subject to hotel room type availability. Chaperone rooms are assigned to each floor housing students.
SET asks hotels to remove access to “pay-for” movies and games, room service and outside phone service. Occasionally, some “pay-for” services cannot be disabled. In those cases, students and adults must pay the hotel for all charges they make.
Most hotels have in-house security personnel on duty. Private security officers may be hired exclusively for the group for an additional charge (Starting rate is $30 per guard per hour, with a six hour minimum). Guards are instructed to maintain a safe environment on student floors. They have no responsibility to monitor or correct student behavior.
Yes, SET assists in setting up and promoting concerts. Keep in mind there is a fee to arrange and promote most concerts, and performance venues often charge rent.
Airline baggage fees have made taking large instruments cost-prohibitive. Smaller instrument fees are affordable, and small pieces may be carried onto the aircraft free, as personal items. Within the USA and internationally, instrument rental costs are usually less than or equal to airline fees, depending on the number of rental days needed.
Most cellular service providers offer international plans. Please check with your cellular service provider to confirm that your phone will work at your destination and to learn what usage costs will be.
Take with you a written prescription from your USA physician for each medication. Keep prescriptions separate from the medications themselves. If lost, a foreign pharmacy can replace them after a short verification phone call to your doctor. (This works in the USA, too!)
Personal Information must be submitted to SET, including name on Photo I.D., full legal name, date of birth, and gender. If traveling internationally, a valid passport is required. Most group air tickets require a non-refundable deposit. Tickets, once issued, are non-refundable. Baggage fees apply to all bags on most flights within the USA. Internationally, no more than one bag is free. Security checks are performed before passengers are cleared for boarding, both in the USA and internationally. The Travel Itinerary Packet you received after registration contains specific information on baggage sizes and fees, and about what you may carry on board the aircraft.
Travel Insurance is not mandatory but is highly recommended whenever: • You want to insure against travel risks not covered by your family's medical plan or homeowners insurance. • You want to supplement coverage provided by existing insurance policies. • You want to cover the cost of high deductibles on your personal insurance policies. • There is a risk that you might have to cancel your trip, before departure or en route, thus forfeiting a large sum of money. • You are traveling internationally.