Regional Sales and Marketing Director

Fun Facts

Was an Army DJ and News Anchor

Has toured 47 states

Loves his Siberian Huskies



“Traveling helps to grow understanding of the similarities between us all. I have led numerous tours of 50 people or more from different races, cultures, backgrounds, languages, and countries. The first day my guests tended to shyly segregate themselves from each other. Then the varied and unique experiences group tours present always worked to bring my guests together as one. They shared the magnificent scenery, the laughs, the unexpected moments of a typically fun tour, all amongst strangers. By the end of each amazing journey, travelers departed as friends, affectionately exchanging information with promises to stay in touch. Traveling with others often opens hearts and encourages tolerance of all mankind. I love to introduce the excitement of group traveling to all my clients. It warms my heart to know they are going to have the time of their life and best defines the purpose of my career; to bring joy and to share the love.”

“Travel is the Language of Peace”
Dr. Taleb Rifai, Secretary General of the United Nations World Tourism Organization