ChiChicastenago, Guatemala

Santo Tomás Chichicastenango

Did you Know?

  • Since 2003, Pray America has hosted mission teams in a safe environment with hot showers and home-cooked meals in Chichicastenango, Guatemala.
  • More than 1,000 homes for widows have been constructed to date, which paves the way for extended ministry to take place.
  • One of those ways is by teams revisiting previously built homes in need of restoration, painting them, replacing rotten or split wood, and having another opportunity to interact with and care for widows.

What to Expect

Potential Trip Projects

  • Caring for widows and children
  • Work projects may include: building or repairing widow houses & bathrooms, installing fuel efficient stoves, water filters 
  • Relational projects: these are more discipleship in nature, focusing on building relationships and sharing the Gospel.
  • Every family served is given an audio Bible in their local language, Kiche’.
  • Teams participate in a weekly shoe giveaway, English classes with neighbor kids, soccer games with staff and more. 
  • A highlight for teams is visiting our feeding programs in the afternoons and interacting with the kids!

Personal & Spiritual Growth

  • At night, your mission leader will help unpack the day: what you saw, how you felt and what God was showing you. A devotion has been written for this mission trip to help guide the process of opening your heart, exploring your faith and getting closer to Jesus.

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