We can help!

Southwestern Educational Travel is proud to partner with Great American Opportunities, the world's largest and most respected fundraising company. With a variety of options for fundraising, Great American has helped schools and organizations earn over $5.5 billion dollars while never losing sight of their primary focus: helping kids.

For example, they have a fundraiser called the 59 minute fundraiser - and yes, it is exactly what it sounds like! With this innovative fundraising technique, they can help you raise more funds in less time than you ever imagined possible!

Check it out at GA Fundraising!

Like Southwestern Educational Travel, Great American Opportunities makes fundraising fun while teaching students important life skills and building self-confidence through their fundraising programs. They work with students on goal setting, team building, decision making, people skills, and problem solving, to name a few!

Together, we can help make your student group trip possible and an adventure the kids will never forget.